Final Morning

I thought I had already finished this blog,


but then we took an early walk this morning, our last morning in Vilnius, and there were the balloons again, over the Town Hall square,


near one of the Russian churches, and floating down Pilies gatve (castle street).

We’ve seen them many mornings and evenings, but it was special to see them one more time.


The Town Hall was looking especially fine in the morning light.


Nic and Edita, and the congregation, had given us three souvenir prints, and it was fun to take photos of the same scenes. And we had the streets almost to ourselves.


One more newly-discovered courtyard, a view of part of the presidential palace, to the right, along with Vilnius University towers,


and finally our own boulevard and fountain, with an early biker riding by.

Our carefully-planned croissant breakfast was almost ruined when we found our usual bakery closed – due to some sort of technical difficulty – but we knew a coffee shop that featured the same bakery’s goods, so the morning was saved!

Eggs and croissants, final packing and weighing, a call for a taxi about noon, and we’ll be off to Warsaw and Chicago.

Thank you, Vilnius, and the International Church. It’s been a great two months.

And thanks, faithful readers, for sharing this little blog project. It’s been fun!


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